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Executive Education Academy

The capacity of the course is full. For more details about the new course, please, contact Jitka Čápová.

New LLL program in English for executives and senior managers of large and medium-sized companies. 

Implementation date: summer term 2021/2022, from 23rd February 2022

Program description and schedule for download.


The program will focus on expanding business knowledge, state-of-the-art emerging trends, and strengthening competencies to turn them into meaningful activities. All participants who successfully complete the program will receive both a certificate and the status of Executive Education Alumni of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, CR.
The program will not just be about innovations and strategic management. It will also strive to open up new opportunities for implementing modern leadership and gaining a multidimensional view of business that emphasizes sustainable business, and diversity of perspectives.


  • General management
  • Corporate governance
  • Top management
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Digital transformation and innovations
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Motivation and reward management
  • Teamwork and negotiation dynamics
  • Presentation and discussion of projects

Graduate profile:

A candidate who pursues knowledge-based strategies based on experience sharing and networking with people who are driven and have high potential for the sake of becoming a successful top/ senior leader in his/her relevant field. 

Course organization:

A total of 44 hours divides into 11 teaching blocks of 4 hours each, i.e., 5.5 days.

Form of study and number of participants:

Teaching will take place in person. The maximum number of participants can be 10.

Course guarantors:

Academic guarantor: prof. Ing. Zuzana Dvorakova, CSc.
Guarantor for practice: Ing. Radovan Vavra


80 000 CZK


Application form:

The application form can be delivered by sending the PDF document to the guarantor of the program.

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